Enterprise Solution


Enterprise Solution

MaxLoad Pro Cargo Load Planning and Optimization Software offers Enterprise Turn Key Solutions for High Volume Loading Needs

Data within the standard version of MaxLoad Pro is stored in a Microsoft Access database which works perfectly and is adequate for most companies. For organizations who anticipate massive data and high volume calculations, MaxLoad offers support for high performance database servers including SQL and Oracle as well as providing a Black Box server version for companies who desire an automatic turn key solution.

MaxLoad SQL/Oracle Version

These versions offer the same functionality as the standard version, but the data is stored in a SQL/Oracle database.  This enables a large amount of data to be stored in one central location and also enables large amount of transactions to take place without any data corruption. Furthermore, MaxLoad users will get benefits from these high performance servers including:

  • Optimized Data: Built-in file management of the database server ensures the large amount of data to be optimized and not fragmented overtime.
  • Better performance: Instead of having each user making a separate connection to the data file (as in the standard MaxLoad), the database server manages all connections between clients and the database to share resources and boost performance.
  • Data Security: Using authorization mechanism of the database server, clients do not require direct access to any file on the server and eliminate the needs to grant write privilege to the data source.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Users can easily perform periodic clean up of old manifests, data backup or database duplication on one single data source.

MaxLoad SQL/Oracle customers will be provided with scripts to set up the MaxLoad database as well to create interface tables, which enable MaxLoad to communicate and share data with other subsystems on the database server, making integration with ERP and WMS a breeze.

MaxLoad for Oracle/SQL Process Flow


MaxLoad Black Box Server

Use MaxLoad Black Box Server to Automate High Volume Loading
MaxLoad Pro Black Box Server offers seamless integration of load calculation into any ERP, WMS systems or Routing products. It can automatically pick up an order file or shipment list, process the data, perform necessary calculations and download the load results and plans to a specified location in the same ERP, WMS systems. Once setup, it does not require any manual interaction to import data, calculate and print reports.


Inputs to MaxLoad Black Box: Name of order file to be processed and its location. MaxLoad will periodically scan for the specified file. When present, MaxLoad will open the file, load the data, calculate to find the optimal solutions.

What is the Optimal Solution: Users predetermine the criteria among different loading rules based on load sequence, product grouping, stacking requirements, etc.

Output from MaxLoad Black Box: MaxLoad needs to know what data to include and in what data format. Output destinations can be a printer or an email server.