Load Optimization


Load Optimization

Use MaxLoad to Increase Cube for Containers, Trucks, and Optimize Shipping Carton and Pallets


If you think there could have been several more items loaded on your truck or even into your ship case, you could be right. Make your shipment more efficient and your savings bigger with MaxLoad Pro. MaxLoad Pro ensures your loads are always optimized. Find not only the best container sizes to use for your mixed products, but also the best way they should be loaded onto pallets or into trucks and containers.


MaxLoad_truckDetermine how many Trucks or Containers to Use and How to Load them
There is a wide variety of standard transport vehicles MaxLoad Pro supports including trucks, containers, sea vans, railcars, flatbeds, side bay trucks and air freight containers. Some of these types consider unloadable areas like wheel wells and corner boxes. If you don’t find your specific vehicle on the list you could always define a new one ready for use within a few mouse clicks and keyboard strokes. MaxLoad Pro supports multiple-vehicle loading. Loads that won’t fit into your first truck can be automatically loaded to next trucks. What will fit or not fit will depend on your load priorities, stop-offs, stacking restriction or on which algorithms you choose to load your products.

You can easily palletize similar SKUs into full-pallets and mixed-pallet loads in loading them into trucks without having to create a new pallet load SKU or to manually palletize different remaining loads not included in single SKU pallets. You can load any SKU you have in your SKU list and loading according to rules you yourself can configure.



mixPalletUse MaxLoad to Create Stable Mixed Pallets

Load multiple SKUs onto your pallet and build optimized mixed pallet loads. MaxLoad Pro provides a list of standard pallets customarily used, but like totes or shipcases, you can always define new pallet types by providing your own dimensions and configurations. Further customize its color, construction, alignment, and even its style like stringers, number of deck boards, etc. When defining new pallets, you can also specify the maximum load weight and height the pallet can support and quantify the allowable overhang and underhang.

Save mixed pallet loads as SKUs for vehicle loading. Be sure to name each SKU you make or define distinctively so easily find them in the alphabetical SKU list.


Find the Right Shipping Box for an Order
Create and optimize tote or shipcase loads containing single-type or mixed SKUs. Find the best shipcase size for an order leaving no significant space wastage. There are a few tote or shipcase sizes already available in MaxLoad Pro that you can choose from, but you can always define new ones according to your needs or what containers you already have. All tote loads can be saved for use as SKUs in pallet and vehicle loading. Once saved properly, they will become available in the SKU list.