MaxLoad Pro Reports include 3D Manifest Diagrams, Step-by-Step Truck Load Diagrams, Load List, Truck Summary, Mixed Pallet Details and More

MaxLoad offers over 10 different reports in JPG or PDF formats which can be easily emailed and shared with different departments. MaxLoad Pro renders all graphics in 3D color-coded format so users can easily visualize the vehicle layout.


Load Diagram and Summary


The Load Diagrams provide the 3D view of the loaded vehicle plus a summary of all SKUs and quantities loaded inside the vehicle.  Summary data for the truck or container is also included: total cargo cube, cargo weight, center of gravity, weights at kingpin and axles, unused floor space.

Users can specify to see the load diagram with both front and back views.


Load by Placement or by Leading Edge Reports

MaxLoad-Load_by_Placement_2MaxLoad-Load_by_Placement_1This report is perfect for the loaders and shows step-by-step placements of SKUs inside the vehicle load. Each step provides the quantity and configuration of each SKU.

The Load by Leading Edge is a similar but simpler report which provides SKUs loaded per load edge in each step.



Unitload and Mixed Pallet Reports

MaxLoad-Mix-Pallet-reportMaxload-Unitload-reportIf your load contains palletized SKUs, these reports will give you the 3D graphics view of each pallet together with the pallet load dimensions and contents.



Placement List, Load List and Cut List

The Placement List gives a table listing the contents inside the transit vehicles and their location based on their placement.  Data includes quantity, dimension and weight of each SKU,  percentage cube and weight per truck and their placement from the front, side and floor of the truck.

If there are items in the shipping list that are not placed inside truck, they will appear in the cut list report.

The load list gives a summary listing of each SKU and its quantities inside each truck or container, together the weight and volume for each SKU and its percentage.

Example of a Placement List
Example of a Load List
Example of a Cut List


Load by Stop Off Report

MaxLoad-Load_by_Stopoff_ReportThe Load by Stop Off report provides graphical illustrations and listings of each SKU quantity for each stop of the shipment, making it easy for the driver to unload items for each destination.  Users can specify the layout of the report in terms of the number of graphic panes per page and whether to have the report in solid color, color or black and white wire frames.




Load and Truck Summary

The load summary will group the contents of the truck by stops, if applicable.  It lists the dimension, quantity, total cube and weight of each SKU for each truck or container.  The truck summary gives the content of each truck, organized by SKU names in alphabetical order.

Example of a Load Summary
Example of a Truck Summary