Carton Optimization


Carton Optimization

Use TOPS Pro to Optimize Packaging Design and Determine the Best Shipcase Size

TOPS-case-sizingDon’t know the size of the shipcase to fit around your product? No sweat. TOPS Pro can calculate it and create a box design for you. You can set specific quantities for primary packages into a master shipcase or use a range of that item. You can even tell TOPS the maximum amount of items to load around the length, width, or height of the container.


In carton optimization, TOPS Pro helps users to:

  • Decide on a new shipcase size based on dimension and quantity of products.
  • Determine the best arrangement and quantity of products inside an existing shipcase.
  • Find the optimal shipcase to use among existing stock boxes using our Database function.


Determine New Packaging Design and Shipcase Size

TOPS Pro helps determine the shipcase size to fit around your products. Enter the specific quantity or a range of primary packages that go inside the shipcase and TOPS will offer different solutions with respect to efficiency, board area usage and more. You can also specify the maximum quantity of packages to pack along each dimension of the shipcase as well as add dividers or additional slack values to the shipcase for more space around the products.

Find the Optimal Quantity and Product Arrangement for an Existing Shipcase


TOPS-blister-shipperTOPS-cups-shipcaseBy entering a range of quantity to be placed inside the shipcase, TOPS Pro can quickly evaluate the best quantity to use in order to find the optimal piece count and arrangement for a new product. To use an existing fixed size shipcase to house new products, use a quantity range so TOPS can decide the different ways to package your product.


Consolidate Existing Shipcases or Shipping Cartons

TOPS Pro’s Shipcase Database function allows users to look into an existing shipcase inventory and evaluate the best way to pack products using existing shipcases. This helps companies to keep costs down by stocking fewer shipcases in their inventory.


Interactive Carton Sizing Editor

This interactive tool automatically adjusts the size of a shipcase or intermediate carton when its contents are being modified, either by addition, removal or rotation.  The program will resize the carton automatically when you drag the primary pack to a new location that requires a bigger shipcase.  The carton dimension will be updated upon user confirmation to use the new design.  If the intermediate pack or shipcase contains more than one layer, you can rotate selected layers if desired.

Carton_Auto_Sizin_1Carton_Auto_Sizin_2  Carton_Auto_Sizin_3