Case Studies


Case Studies

See how these Companies Use TOPS Pro to help them cut Packaging & Shipping Costs

If you think there could have been several more items loaded on your truck or even your ship case, you could be right. Make your shipment more efficient and your savings bigger with MaxLoad Pro. With MaxLoad Pro you can be sure your loads are always optimized. Find not only the best container sizes to use for your mixed products, but also the best way they should be loaded onto pallets or into vehicles.


TOPS Pro Case Study: Anker International

Anker International is a subsidiary of International Greetings, one of the world’s leading designers, innovators and manufacturers of gift wrap, crackers, cards, stationery and accessories. The Anker International central distribution centre in Newport Pagnell has a storage capacity of over 20,000 pallet loads of merchandise, and is ideally located to enable fast dispatch and delivery throughout the United Kingdom. Services include bespoke product storage via tailor-made palletisation, carton specification and product identification. After realizing their existing packaging software was underperforming Zak Woodward, Warehouse Ancillaries Supervisor at Anker, analysed the market for a new and improved solution and selected TOPS Pro™ from specialist software provider, AutoLogic Systems.


Issue and solution
Anker were finding the interface difficult to use on their existing software, it was too slow and not sophisticated enough to deal with their ever changing product lines. Zak carried out extensive trials with the market leading solutions and soon recommended TOPS Pro from AutoLogic Systems to his management team as the product of choice for Anker. Zak comments:” TOPS Pro was so much easier to use and quicker than the other software we trialed. The amount of information and variables available were simply head and shoulders ahead of the competition.” Anker are now using TOPS Pro™ on a weekly basis to identify the optimum packing combinations for their new and existing product ranges. “When our buying team identifies a new product range, their first step is to provide us with the dimensions and proposed packaging instructions for that specific item. We then use TOPS Pro to test the optimum number of items per carton and pallet and pass those recommendations to the supplier. Nine times out of ten, TOPS Pro recommends an alternative solution to the original specification which allows us to get more items on each pallet. As many of our products are manufactured in the Far East, this has a huge impact in reducing our shipping and transport costs. We also use less board and packing materials and so our buying team is able to work with our suppliers to reduce their costs which are in turn carried over to us and ultimately our customers.”


TOPS – LoadStak Case Study: Boots the Chemist

Boots, the UK’s leading pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer, has acquired the specialist pallet stacking software TOPS LoadStak Pro from AutoLogic Systems. AutoLogic Systems provides specialist software for all stages of the supply chain including case and package design; container & vehicle load planning; manufacturing and warehouse simulation; and vehicle scheduling and tracking.


The Boots supply chain is currently going through some major changes. As part of a centralisation of the supply of products to their shops, Boots are consolidating stock from eighteen stock points down to one central warehouse. This will give a much greater need for optimum cubic volume utilisation throughout the new facility.


Steve Jordan, Capacity Planning Manager at Boots comments: “Most stock we receive in our central warehouse will be supplied in pre-stacked pallet form, but there is some stock that is imported in containers and cartons. The central operation has always put these cartons onto pallets manually, which may not have resulted in the most effective stacking patterns and pallet stability.” Boots selected TOPS LoadStak Pro due to it being easier to use and more intuitive than other similar products available on the market. TOPS LoadStak Pro is ideal for companies looking to obtain the best fill of a pack of fixed dimensions on a pallet or vehicle/container while improving stability of load and reducing packaging and transport costs. Steve continues: “The software approach allows a greater control to predefine the best way to stack a pallet. Samples have shown that a 15% reduction in pallet bases can be achieved when using the software as opposed to the human eye. “The use of the software will reduce our need to hold stock outside of our main warehouse facility. The cost of the software is paid back in just a few months.”