Product Modules


Product Modules

TOPS Pro is Available in Different Modules for Pallet Optimization, Case Sizing and More

TOPS Pro is offered at different levels to meet the needs of different users. TOPS Pro offers two streamlined options – PackStak and LoadStak. WithPackStak, you have the capacity to have the system design shipcases around a primary pack specification, as well as full pallet and vehicle load optimizations. With LoadStak you only have the capacity to generate pallet patterns based off a shipcase dimension set. The full-blown TOPS Pro function has all these functions plus MixPro for clubhouse POP Displays and the CASY (Create-A-Shape-Yourself) system.

A special web version of TOPS Pro, TOPSePAC, is available for case sizing and pallet optimization. This is a perfect tool for package engineers on the road and at a customer site.


TOPS-LoadStak Sequence LoadStak – Low cost, streamlined module to generate pallet patterns based off a carton dimension set and pallet restrictions like overhang, pallet height, etc. It also provides stacking analysis on board grade results and vehicle optimization.

TOPS-PackStak Sequence PackStak – This mid-range module includes all the functionality of LoadStak plus the ability to design a new shipper or carton around a fixed-size primary pack. Pallet configuration, stacking analysis and  vehicle optimization functions are also included.

TOPS-Sequence TOPS Pro – Complete package design and pallet pattern software supporting full packaging sequence from new and fixed primary pack, intermediate packs and bundle, to new shipcases and vehicles.
TOPS Pro also comes with MixPro for creating mixed product trays and mixed pallets. The Create-A-Shape-Yourself (CASY) module is also included in TOPS which enables users to create custom shapes for primary packs and trays.

– Web based application for package design, pallet configuration and stacking analysis.  Offers users the ability to run on any platform over the internet, TOPSePAC helps users save money by making sure the product is optimized for shipping. There is no software to install or maintain, cut IT support costs and ensure the application is always up to date.  It enables suppliers and buyers to communicate capacity studies efficiently by sharing secured data over the internet

TOPS Modules at a glance