Product Sizing


Product Sizing

Use TOPS Pro to Determine Optimum Product Size and any Intermediate Packs and Trays which go into a Shipping Carton

Companies use TOPS Pro to maximize the number of products on a pallet. With TOPS Pro, they can also revisit their product sizing and explore new dimensions to determine the best fit inside a new or existing carton, and to maximize its quantity on the pallet to save on shipping costs.

To find the optimal product size, users will specify the shape of the product, enter the minimum and maximum dimensions and increments to be considered, as well as the quantity to be packaged.  TOPS will provide and list the solutions based on the quantity of products packaged depending on the input parameters.


Primary_PackageProduct/Primary Package Support

  • Supported product shapes include cartons, bottles, milk cartons, bags, cans, stand-up pouches, blister packs and tubs.
  • Nest and/or invert bottles and tubs to maximize space inside intermediate packs or shipping carton.
  • Use from a host of pre-defined shapes or use the C.A.S.Y. Primary module to create new shapes.
  • Add graphics or company logos to different sides of the products to create more realistic simulations.
  • Pack products individually or have them in bundles or intermediate packs.

shipcasesDesign Intermediate Packer or Tray

  • Use the C.A.S.Y. Tray feature to create custom trays or handholds.
  • Add dividers or pads in between layers.
  • Specify flute and board grade to meet ECR and ECT tests.

Create Custom Shapes and Trays with C.A.S.Y. (Create A Shape Yourself)

The C.A.S.Y shape generator lets you create detailed product designs for realistic visualization of your products. The Primary Pack module lets you model symmetrical and asymmetrical solid shapes such as bottles, lamps, toothpaste tubes, or just about whatever you want! The Tray module allows creation of handholds or custom tray shapes. Just define and drag the anchor points to define new shapes.

The CASY modules are seamlessly integrated inside the TOPS Pro user interface. New shapes can be designed and saved to the software databases for future retrieval. TOPS also comes with a large collection of popular shapes for products and custom trays ready for quick use.

TOPS_CASY_bottleC.A.S.Y. Primary Pack – Use this TOPS function module to create special primary package for your product. Latest shape elements include trigger tops, handles and pinch tubes.


TOPS_CASY_trayThe C.A.S.Y. Tray module builds cases and trays for packing primary packs. You can create custom styles with all sides to be different from one another with a number of cut outs. You can also insert different graphics or company logo to provide special display and messages.