TOPS Pro Creates Versatile Reports including Packaging Specifications, Pallet Layout, Comparison Reports and Eco Savings Report

TOPS-Report-4upTOPS-Report-5upTOPS Pro renders all graphics in 3D color-coded format so users can easily visualize the layout design and their various load plans. For sharing the manifests with colleagues and customers, you can output your analyses in over 50 different user-selectable formats in a user-friendly, intuitive screen. If your customer speaks a different language, change the software interface to one of the many (over 10) foreign languages supported. You can even modify specific text strings to meet your needs.

Print parameters on design analyses include various report layout formats, different views and statistics and the application of special graphics on packages for a more realistic visualization.


Packaging Reports

TOPS-Combined-Report-CaseTOPS-Combined-Report-ULCreate analysis reports in various layouts and include different contents. Once the “What you see is what you get” reports are generated, you can add annotations, graphics, company logos and specific product information. You can also send them to printers, to other recipients via emails, put them on the company network drive to share with others, export them directly as PDF, or send to MS Word, Excel, and other formats, or publish them on the Internet to share with colleagues and customers.


Combined Reports

TOPS-Package-ProfileTOPS allows users to generate side-by-side comparison reports for up to five shipcase arrangements or pallet configurations of the same analysis; or to place different analyses in the same report for review.

These reports are easy to create, just click to select the solution to compare and then issue the create report command using a right click menu.


Package Profile Report

The package profile, sometimes called a cube profile, provides reference on the packaging and pallet load details for a group of products sharing the same specifications. For example, if you package bottled drinks, you are likely using the same size bottle and packaging for the different flavors. Using the package profile, you can list all the brands that are packaged using the same specifications.


Eco Savings Report and Pallet Report with Wal-Mart Scores

TOPS-Pallet-Report1 TOPS-Report-5up

These two reports provide efficiency data for the sell unit packaging and pallet unit cube utilization.

The Eco Savings Report allows users to compare the effects different package size, case size, pallet and vehicle loads have on the environment in terms of carbon emission and corrugated and packing material wastage or usage for up to five solutions.

Users provide the costs for transportation, corrugate paper and other packaging material usage together with mileage information for tucks, TOPS will report wastage in terms of carbon emission and material wastage.

The Pallet Reports, shown here, provide the specific efficiency score required by Wal-Mart to ensure vendors are shipping sustainable packages.

Sharing Packaging Reports over the Internet or Your Company Network

TOPSePAC_publish_screenTOPS allows users to convert packaging specifications into web pages which can then be posted on the Internet or your company Intranet or network for sharing. Upon successful publishing, a table of contents is created and users can click on the analysis name and view the selected report. When more analyses are uploaded at a later time, they will be appended to the existing list.