TOPS Pro – Packaging Design and Pallet Software for Package Design, Product Arrangement, Palletization, Pallet Pattern Configuration and Truck Loading

TOPS-Bottle-Sequence-PlayTOPS Pro is a packaging design software developed to assist packaging professionals in creating optimal package designs and pallet patterns. With TOPS Pro, users can easily determine the optimum package size, arrangement, pallet configuration, and truck placement while providing stacking strength recommendations for homogeneous products based on their dimensions and other shipping requirements.

With TOPS Pro, packaging engineers can oversee all stages of the package design on one single, easy-to-use user interface. The program uses a powerful, real-time 3D graphics engine to let you see what you are designing while you’re creating it. You can see 3D renderings of your design from any angle and any perspective to help ensure accuracy.

Use TOPS Pro to perform “what if” scenarios like adding or removing an intermediate pack, changing carton dimensions, adding overhang to the pallet load or limiting the number of layers for each load.

Additionally, TOPS Pro can help users create sustainable packages by selecting the optimal broad grade, generating stable pallet loads to minimize product damage with stacking analysis, and saving on shipping costs by optimizing all transit loads…, all helping to improve your organization’s bottom line and at the same time, be environmentally friendly.

What makes TOPS Pro stand out among similar products is its extreme ease of use, and unlike other packaging software, TOPS Pro allows you to look ahead and see all stages of the package analysis on the same screen. You can easily visualize how changes made for one stage will affect the outcomes for all stages of the analysis.

Product Sizing

water  From designing water bottles, cans, milk cartons, bags, blister packs, to creating your own shape, TOPS provides an easy to use, yet powerful software to make your job a breeze. Specify dimensions and other parameters or apply special graphics as a 3D rendering of your design will comes right on the screen within seconds

Pallet Configuration

water_palletWhether it’s picking a pre-defined pallet or defining a new pallet style or size, TOPS Pro will automatically generate different pallet patterns that optimize your loads and cut shipping costs. You can specify overhang, cartons per layer or total layers allowed on the pallet. Add pads, trays, caps to the pallet load or rotate layers to create more stable pallet. You can also pick a secondary pattern to be used on the pallet to give you the custom pattern you need

Mixed Pallets for Club Stores


With TOPS Pro’s MixPro module, you can also create mixed pallets or product loads for more effective shipments and for club store display. Use strength and environment analyses to make sure your shipcases will arrive at your destinations without damage

Shipcase/Carton Design

water_caseAdd intermediate packs using an existing tray, packer, display case or shrink wrap. Users can also create custom trays using TOPS’ CASY(Create A Shape Yourself) module to add handholds or custom graphics for better simulation.

Container or Truck Optimization

water_truckTOPS Pro is also a vehicle loading software. It shows the most optimized ways to dead stack or palletize homogeneous products. You can quickly see the best way to maximize your available floor space and realize cost savings. Choose from pre-defined trucks, sea containers, railcars or define your own transit vehicles

Stacking Analysis

shipboxUse TOPS Pro to see stacking strength results based on edge crush, ring crush or Kellicut tests using the Mckee formula. The results provide statistics on box performance of unitloads during transit and storage in the warehouse